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Sportswear brands are redoubling their strategies to tease their products and the release of their sneakers. Thus Nike and Adidas have understood the challenge of staying in the minds of consumers for as long as possible until the release of their new silhouettes. Throughout the manufacturing process of the sneakers, the brands will broadcast samples, through the intermediary of influential personalities, such as a sample reminiscent of the latest Yeezy 700 MNVN which was offeredby Kanye West to the sultry rapper 6ix9ine. In the same way, the brands rely on major media events to give a preview of their brand new silhouette. For example, the designer of the famous label Off-White Virgil Abloh was spotted at Men's Fashion Week 2020 wearing his latest Jordan 5 Off-White. Also at the first match of NBA PSG's Neymar wore the Jordan 5 to the first game in France, where he was honoured to be part of the basketball event.

These events put the brand's newest models in the spotlight while adding weight and importance, generating a high demand commonly referred to as Hype in the fashion industry. sneakers. We also see special viral operations such as Yeezy and its Quantum. During the 2020 All Star Game, Kanye West 's label took to the streets of Chicago, which was hosting the event, to preview the Yeezy Quantum. In order to receive this unique product, attendees had to exchange their limited Nike models for the German brand's pair. Finally, brands do not hesitate to leak photos on social networks in an exclusive way. The most telling example is the Houston rapper Travis Scott.

Each of his collaborations with the swoosh brand ist a real success. The rapper perfectlyt handles the art oft the leak by diffusingt photos of his silhouettes andt the wholet in a completelyt lifestyle dimension untied of direct advertising communication. These photos aret relayed millions of times andt generate a viral communication just beforet the release of the future modelst . Sports equipment manufacturers do not hesitatet to use all means to make people talk about them andt generate a strong demand for products just beforet their release.


The major players of sneakers want to put the consumer back at the centre of their strategy by implementing a consumer centric strategy. So whether it is Nike or Adidasthe brands want to create a privileged link with their consumers by federating their community. Through its Nike application Sneakers, the Oregon-based brand distributes its most limited products. Nike gives certain customers the opportunity to buy certain sneakers products in advance of their official release. The Nike Stash feature is now available in some cities.

This feature gives enthusiasts located in a geographical area the opportunity to access the product exclusively. We saw this recently with the Air Jordan 1 Low Paris We saw it recently with the Nike House of Innovation on the Champs Elysees. Similarly, this feature is often implemented in Houston for the release of pairs in collaboration with the rapper Travis Scott from that city. A real meeting place, consumers of the brand with the Swoosh can thus meet and exchange while buying an exclusive model in advance. Also through its Nike Pass, the Beaverton brand gives the possibility to the fastest of its customers to reserve their pair in advance. This way, the lucky ones can pick up their pair in advance in unique places where an immersive experience is offered to them. Once again, Nike seeks to bring a link between its brand and its consumers.

Adidas is also offering access to its flagship silhouettes, the Yeezy through its application. The brand's customers can register for the drop and then have the opportunity to reserve their pair. A question is asked and the answer must be given as quickly as possible by clicking on the image corresponding to the answer. Once again, fans of the brand can meet and chat while picking up their ultra-limited silhouette. Through their application, the giants of the sneakers Through their application, the fashion giants manage to amplify their output with innovative features that unify their community.


Whether it is for Nike, Adidas or Jordan, the brands all follow more or less the same pattern in the communication of their collaborations and new products. Thus, in the manufacturing process, brands do not hesitate to voluntarily broadcast photos of samples, of unfinished models in order to start teasing their future silhouettes. These samples then go viral and are relayed on the biggest community pages such as PY_RATES on Instagram and the biggest media specialising in fashion, sneakers and streetwear. This way, brands can have a direct feedback on the first visuals of their product. Then once the product is validated, they will start their communication campaign by creating content through photo shoots representing the universe of the pair.

Thus all the media specialised in streetculture and sneakers such as Complex, CaminoTV, Hypebeast will be able to talk about it. In the same way, brands and designers do not hesitate to send their pairs to strong personalities to amplify the teasing of the silhouette. For example, the famous rapper Offset unveiled the exclusive packaging of the famous Nike Air Force 1 Fossil by Travis Scott. Finally, brands communicate a release date that is often subject to change.

A week before the official release, the pairs appear on the dedicated application of each brand, such as Nike Sneakers for the Swoosh brand. Thus, the biggest brands of sneakers follow a well-established pattern that allows them to always remain in the minds of consumers and on the forefront of the media.

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