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Conversethe emblematic basketball of a whole generation! Created in 1908 by Marquis MillsConverse, the brand is at the origin of non-slip rubber soles. According to legend, it was when Marquis Mills fell off his stairs Converse decides to throw shoes with a rubber sole.

After the city models and boots, the brand quickly diversified and entered the sports market. The brand hired a basketball player by the name of Chuck Taylor as a salesman and in 1917 released the Converse All Star. A basketball shoe that would become legendary in the following years. Following this, in 1932, Converse printed Chuck Taylor's name on the model's disc, decorated with a blue star, marking the birth of the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star.



When you think Converse, you think Chuck Taylor. A former basketball player, hired as a salesman, he gave his name to the brand's iconic model. A fabric or leather base and a blue star on a white background on the inside ankle have made this iconic pair famous.

Available in a low-cut upper, but also in many colours and different materials, the Chuck Taylor 70 has become the public's favourite when it comes to Converse. It is also the one that is most often the subject of collaborations between brands and Converse. The All Star has even become the ally of almost every style. Whether you wear it with wide-leg trousers that fall over the sneaker, shorter trousers that show off the full silhouette of the shoe, or tighter trousers with a low-top model, the Converse Chuck Taylor can be worn with all outfits and all situations.

This model, signed Converse , has become completely iconic in the world of sneakers and has even inspired the greatest designers. At Dior, the B23 sneaker takes up the curves of the Converse Chuck Taylor.



Born in 2019, the Converse Run Star Hike quickly became a must have. Inspired by the timeless Chuck Taylor 70, this new model is the result of a collaboration between Converse and the Irish designer JW Anderson. The Run Star Hike takes the curves of the iconic silhouette Converse, with a few details. The high shaft is still present, but the sole is much thicker. A notched outsole that runs the length of the sole also makes an appearance and brings relief to the whole. 

These trendy shoes were initially produced in black and white. sneakers were initially produced in black and white, but have since been produced in a variety of colours ranging from beige to brown to floral patterns. In high or low versions.



During the Second World War, Converse supplied the army with shoes and it was from the 1960s onwards that the All Star took on a whole new dimension. It became the shoe of the stars of cinema and rock, dressing the feet of James Dean during the filming of "Fureur de Vivre" and contributing to giving the trainer a young and rebellious image. Elvis Presley, Mick Jagger and later Kurt Cobain alsosupported this status. New, more colourful versions of the sneaker were to emerge as the model became more and more popular.

In the early 1980s, the brand sponsored basketball players like the famous Magic Johnson. But new firms like, Nike and Adidas were overshadowing Converse and in 2001, the company went bankrupt... Its long-time competitor, Nike, bought the brand in 2003.



Thanks to the strong revival of the brand image, the Converse With the strong revival of the brand's image, the Nike sneaker is back in fashion and has regained its status as a youth pair in the early 2000s. Nike relies on iconic collaborations to amplify the influence of the Converse. On two occasions, we have seen Virgil AblohLouis Vuitton 's artistic director of the Men's collections completely rethink the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 70. The first version is adorned with a completely transparent cage allowing for infinite customisation of style. The second version is more classic, with the addition of typography Off-White The second version is more classic, with the brand's typography and the famous motif on the sole. Nike does not hesitate to use Converse to create a direct link with the world of luxury. It is quite natural that a surprising collaboration between the Ambush house and Converse appears. Yoon Ahn, founder of the Japanese label, offers us a technical and modern approach by revisiting the Converse All Star 70. We find an immaculate white silhouette made up of techweave-styleinserts andthe Ambush logo on the heel.

After Ambush, it is still in luxury that Converse has sought inspiration. The brand founded in 1908 called on Dior Homme's Artistic Director, Kim Jones, to design a new model with vintage inspirations. In keeping with the spirit of the Chuck Taylor 70, the former Louis Vuitton designer added a transparent TPU cage and a wave effect above the sole to give the impression that it is compensated. Finally, the name of the designer Kim Jones appears on the tongue.

But the brand with the swoosh is not only interested in the world of luxury, it is above all the streetwear culture that consolidates its fan base sneakers. Nike gave the American label Chinatown Market the opportunity to revisit the classic Converse model with the All Star once again. The American brand revolutionizes the model by integrating a UV technology. The white upper gives way to a beautiful purple and fuchsia pink colour in daylight. A converse that was quickly sold out. The now Nike-owned brand has also worked with Carhartt on several collections of sneakers with a vintage feel including the Fast Break OX Pro, One Star OX Pro and Chuck Taylor 70 Hi. Through its history, influences and collaborations, Converse is now a staple in the sneaker world!



Partners since 2009, Comme des Garçons and Converse have signed one of the most striking collaborations of the 2010s. First released in 2009 through a small red heart affixed to the side of the pair, this timeless co-signed by the two brands has been revisited and has become a phenomenon starting at 2015.

A commercial success for several years, the Chuck Taylor 70 x CDG features the Japanese fashion label's signature red heart with big eyes just above the sole. Over time, several variations have appeared in the joint collection of the two brands. The large red heart half-cut by the sole has at times been replaced by a line of several small hearts that follow the sole. On the blue and grey models, the red heart has even been transformed into a black heart, bringing sobriety. On the other hand, a version with a bright red sole exists, giving power to the model, whether it is a high or low version.

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