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Sneakers Eco-Responsible

Why choose sneakers ?

In order to be more respectful of nature, many brands make it a point of honor to offer consumers products that are more in line with sustainable development issues. Over the years, the abusive consumption of all goods and especially of sneakers has caused an intensive production that is not in line with ecology. This is why many people are opting for more eco-responsibility.

How to recognize sneakers eco responsible?

In order to offer more environmentally friendly products, brands turning to sneakers eco responsible models use several techniques. The most common is to act directly on the production of pairs. Thus, the manufacturers of sneakers propose alternatives by using other materials for the design of their products such as partially or totally recycled and/or recyclable materials. There are also natural alternatives such as vegetable leather, which can be derived from fruit such as pineapple leather, or vegetable materials obtained, for example, starting at sugar cane.

Some brands, in addition to offering an eco-responsible design in terms of materials, act directly for the environment by supporting causes that are dear to them. The animal cause is one of the most appreciated by manufacturers. To support them, some brands offer vegan products, which do not use any material of animal origin, and some of them even donate a part of their turnover to NGOs.

Which brand makes sneakers eco-friendly?

The two biggest manufacturers of the market, to whom we owe the most mythical models of sneakers, that are Nike and Adidas, act in this eco-responsible movement.

In this sense, Nike proposes more and more often models more respectful of the environment. It is on its best-sellers that the brand originating from Beaverton proposes most regularly eco-responsible declinations, namely the Nike Dunk Lowthe Air Force 1 Lowbut also the Air Max 90, the Blazer or the Air Jordan 1 in its versions High, Mid and Low.

Nike has even adopted this more responsible behavior through its collaborations. When the Swoosh brand worked with Union on the Cortez, the American brand did not hesitate to install a Nike Grind sole, designed from scraps of manufacturing materials and recycled shoes.

For its part, Adidas also illustrates itself in the eco-responsible, especially through its work with Sean Wotherspoon. In addition to this, Adidas offers eco-friendly models via Kanye West's label, Yeezy. For example, the Yeezy Foam RNNR is composed in part of a material made from algae grown in the United States.

Dressing ethically

In an effort to be more environmentally friendly, more and more people are opting for a more sustainable lifestyle. ethics. In this sense, many people are changing their consumption patterns and favoring eco-friendly clothing and sneakers . The population turns then to products resulting from short circuitswhich reduces carbon impactand therefore manufactured in a restricted geographical area. These products can also be designed starting at recycled and / or recyclable materials and therefore more environmentally friendly, even vegan.

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