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New Balance



New Balanceone of the very first brands of sneakers, was born in Massachusetts in 1906, long before Puma, Nike or Adidas, under the exact name of The New Balance Arch Company. William J. Riley, a shoemaker by trade, created the brand with the aim of helping people with foot problems. The first activity of New Balance was therefore the development of shoes with orthopaedic soles designed to offer better support for the arch of the foot. The name " New Balance " was directly inspired by the shape of a chicken's feet. By observing the chicken's feet, William Riley realised that their 3 points of support offered a perfect balance of balance and force distribution, which was very useful in the creation of his orthopaedic insoles.

The customised manufacturing applied to the famous orthopaedic insoles was naturally reflected in the development of the brand's future shoes. This is why particular attention is paid to the design of the insoles and the different technologies used in them. Always with a view to comfort, different foot widths are proposed according to the sizes available on certain models of trainers. The materials are often made from premium materials such as genuine pigskin leather and all of the manufacturer's pairs are handmade.


Later, William Riley bequeathed his company to his daughter, an act that took the American firm in a completely different direction. Indeed, it was in 1961 that New Balance released its first pair of running shoes: the New Balance Trackster, which was the first high-performance model to be offered in several widths. The rise of the sport and the democratisation of running in the 1960s was a real marketing opportunity for the brand, which gradually began to take its place in this sector, abandoning that of orthopaedic insoles, but not completely. Indeed, by offering several widths at New Balance Trackster, the brand is positioning itself as a specialist in footwear and more particularly in the comfort of the latter, thanks to the heritage of William Riley and his in-depth knowledge of orthopaedics.

In the following years, the popularity of New Balance s popularity reached its peak in the years that followed, thanks in part to the New York Marathon, where the brand became known around the world and even found its way onto the feet of almost all of its participants.


This lifestyle model by British designer Charlotte Lee draws its inspiration from the Boston-based brand's 1970s archive models. Presented with the colours Green and Orange at the Casablancadshow bydesigner Charaf Tajer in April 2020, the New Balance 327 The silhouette is both trendy and retro, with optimal comfort and noble materials such as perforated leather, suede and nylon, which give it a luxurious look in keeping with the world of the high fashion brand.


Originally released in 1989, the New Balance 550 features a smooth soft leather and perforated mesh upper with a premium rubber outsole. The silhouette was originally designed for the basketball court but failed to catch on with competing sneaker models like the Air Jordan 4 which appealed more to the players of the time. It is necessary to wait until 2020 and the collaboration with the label Aimé Léon Dore of Teddy Santis for the retro model to find its public. Accessible, qualitative and comfortable, the vintage silhouette multiplies the successful iterations like the colors Red and Green.

NEW BALANCE 990, 991, 992

The history of the New Balance 990, 991 and 992 story began in 1982 when New Balance introduced the 990, one of the very first pairs of shoes for men and women to be sold at a price of $100, an astronomical sum for the time. The model was distinguished by the quality of its Made In USAmaterials ,its unequalled comfortand its grey and whitecolour code whichbecame emblematic. Thanks to the success of the first versions, the Boston-based brand introduced a new model in 2006, the 992, on the occasion of the manufacturer's 100th anniversary. The latter was highly popularised by Steve Jobs during the Apple Keynotes. A multitude of new products followed, such as the 990v3 and 990v5, which added to the range by bringing the latest technical innovations to the new trainers.


The New Balance 2002RThe 2002R, originally released in 2010, was a limited pair of shoes exclusively made in the USA that aimed to create the perfect blend of luxury and running. But it wasn't until 10 years later, in 2020, that the model became an international success with the 2002R collaboration Peace Be The Journeyby American designer Salehe Bembury. Its premium materials, comfort and affordable price instantly appealed to sneakers fans around the world. In 2021,, the Boston-based manufacturer, joined forces with Chinese designer Yue Wu to create the Redefined Future pack, commonly known as the Protection Pack, which introduces the Rain Cloud, Sea Salt and Phantom colours.


Through its history and its specialisation in comfort and performance, New Balance conveys values ofexcellence, quality andinnovation. Today, New Balance is at the feet of sportsmen and women, but also of streetwear lovers, and has drawn on its experience in running to open up to the market of sneakers This is particularly true thanks to its various collaborations sneakers which launch brand new models that can be found alongside various brands.

For example, recent collaborations for men and women with the label JJJound, designer Joe Freshgoods and artist Jaden Smith are available on Wethenew.

Unlike Nike or Adidas who use ambassadors to promote their models, New Balance is more focused on the trainer itself: the design and specificity of the shoes being the key words. By linking the use of premium materials, a successful mix of colours and the adaptation of trends to its models, New Balance is today a brand anchored in the community sneakers,available for men and women!

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