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New Balance 1906R


In 2020, New Balance had a real resurgence in popularity, especially with its various collaborations on the New Balance 990 or with the huge success of the iconic New Balance 2002R, partnering with names like thisisneverthat to promote the futuristic retro model . Two years later, the shoe brand reunited with the Korean streetwear label to do to the 1906 what they did to the New Balance 550: bring back to life a sneakers archive model. Before they gave it its "R," the 1906 was a high-end lifestyle silhouette that debuted in 2009. At a relatively hefty price of $250, the shoe afforded a Made in USA construction. When the 1906R was reintroduced a decade later, the Boston-based brand opted for a new, more affordable price point as well as a host of design changes, including, but not limited to, the use of the NB 860v2's sole on the 1906's upper. Covered in an "R" much like the new 2002R, the shoe retains its original look and style. Featuring breathable mesh inserts, synthetic panels and premium nubuck accents, the silhouette celebrates the iconic look of the 2000s runners. Tofurther celebrate the release of the 1906R, New Balance partnered with renowned designer and fashion director Akio Hasegawa, who created a series of visuals based on the theme of "Past" and "Future." The late 90s and early 2000s were a time when many were pursuing expectations for the future and yearning for the latest technologies. It was an era of technological change juxtaposed with the physical state of its environment, such as buildings, and the bricks and materials with which it was constructed. In this sense, the 1906R is an excellent shoe that suits all styles.


With thisisneverthat, the colorway is reminiscent of past inspirations, with hints of gray and navy blue appearing on the upper panels. The yellowed soles add a vintage feel, while the cream laces add a more contemporary touch. This is further amplified with its silver hue, which pays homage to one of the original 1906 colorways. A few months later it was the turn of Yue Wu, creator of the Refined Future pack or more commonly called Protection Pack. Its particularity lies in its suede inserts with a ripped effect that offer a whole new dimension to the retro running lowtop. With its four colorways, the 1906R Protection Pack is set to be a must-have for 2023.

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