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Nike Skateboarding



In 1997, the giant with the swoosh began to look at the world of skateboarding. The market was dominated by many specialized players such as DC or Globe. This made it very difficult to market skate shoes, Nike was not at all legitimate with the skateboarding community. In 2002, the firm really decided to put a step in the world of skateboarding by creating its line Nike SB and offering us a first silhouette that without knowing it will become a classic of the culture streetwear culturethe Nike Dunk Low. With a difficult launch, the SB line will gradually become a reference in the world of skateboarding. Thanks to a selective selection centered on skateshops, and under the impulse of design rethought by skateboarders like Danny Suppa and Reese Forbes; the brand with the swoosh finally confirms its position of leader and its legitimacy. But the model that will stand out from the crowd and become the model of sneakers hype of the 2000s is the Nike Dunk Low.


The Nike Dunk, which celebrated its 35th anniversary in 2020, is far from having had a classic history. This legendary sneaker was not destined to tread the streets and grip skateboards but rather the floors of the NBA. Created in 1985, the Dunk was a great inspiration for the release of the Air Jordan 1. Overshadowed by the release of the legendary Jordanthis silhouette will rebound in a completely different sector, the skateboard.

It is in the 2000s, that Nike will see its model literally explode in the eyes of all. Many skateboarders wear this shoe and begin to wear it proudly. In an innovative approach, Nike will adapt to the constraints of this extreme discipline, offering a more functional and comfortable variant. It is then that in 2002, the first Nike SB Dunk Low is born. Thanks to significant collaborations and influential ambassadors like the rapper Travis Scottthis sneaker was able to detach itself from its primary use to conquer the hearts of lovers of the brand with the comma.


The brand fromOregon will go beyond the primary purpose of its silhouette for performance to establish itself as the lifestyle sneaker and trendy 2000s. Thanks to iconic collaborations around its flagship model the Nike Dunk Low, it sees its popularity spread around the world. Among these collaborations we can mention recently the very successful Nike Dunk Low Off-White . The designerVirgil AblohThe designer, current artistic director of the men's collections of the house Louis Vuitton will completely rethink the shape of the pair. By resuming mythical colors with the Chicago, or Pine Green, the founder of the house Off-White offers us a pack of 3 colors. The particularity of the model lies in its technical approach with the addition of a drawstring color infrared on the entire pair. This collaboration was instantly sold out which shows the current love of the silhouette by fans of sneakers. We also saw a strong collaboration with the world famous streewear brand, Supreme. On a Nike base Dunk Low, 3 colors appeared. With a metallic effect colorway, shiny and a mini swoosh reminiscent of the Nike Air Max Jewel, this sneaker marks the fusion of the performance approach with the lifestyle dimension.

There are also collaborations much older as with the Californian brand of Laguna Beach, Stussy. In 2005, Nike skateboard develops the concept "Team Manager". This allows 5 brands to rework 5 models of shoes. Stussy focused on board sports such as surfing and skating decided to create a unique colorway for the Nike Dunk Low. It is Robbie Jeffers, Stussy 's team leader at the time, who will take care of the artistic direction for this collaboration. He will then have an idea, representing ice cream flavors. Thus we see the Nike Dunk Low Stussy Cherry composed of several colors symbolizing 3 classic flavors: chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. And to top it all off, we find a cherry affixed on the tongue and a waffle cone in the insole. This crazy concept has upset the fans of sneakers to the point of reaching todayextravagant resale prices .Through its collaborations and iconic models like the Nike SB Dunk Low Ben & Jerry's, the American giant has managed to make its sporty silhouette an icon of culture.


The Nike SB Dunk is a clear departure from the classic version created by Peter Moore in 1985 for both men and women to accompany college basketball players and allow students to wear their iconic club colours. 

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