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Streetwear novelties have evolved over the years, multiplying the number of releases of new models and new collaborations. Two major players in street culture structure and influence this market. The first is the best known skateboard brand, Supreme. Founded by James Jebbia in 1994 in New York, this iconic brand has rapidly expanded its reach thanks to its creativity and revolutionary marketing strategy. First of all, the brand has built its entire operation around unique and extremely limited products with exclusive distribution in its shops around the world such as Paris, Tokyo, Los Angeles. What makes the strength of Supreme is the teasing and announcement of its products. The brand organizes only two collections per year, spring/summer and autumn/winter. The New York brand will first broadcast on its Instagram account some strong pieces and share with us the opening date of its website as well as the announcement of its Lookbook which will be relayed in the biggest media specialized in streetwear fashion such as Hypebeast or Complex. The lookbook is awaited like the messiah by the label's fans. Many influencers and community pages repost it with their comments on the strong pieces of each season. Palace, the famous London skateboard brand founded by Lev Tanju in 2009, has completely copied this strategy to offer us lookbooks directly on its website. In the manner of Supreme, Palace offers us its own limited pieces between colours and technical approach. This lookbook teasing system will be taken up by the biggest streetwear brands such as Aimé Léon Dore, a New York brand with a casual and elegant style. Similarly, Stussy will even use these codes to share its collections and reinterpretations of its wardrobe. You will have understood that the biggest streetwear brands rely on the lookbook teasing trend to stay in the minds of consumers and to amplify their notoriety.


The streetwear market has never stopped evolving and is now tending towards a pre-dominant trend: collaborations. Once again, Supreme perfectly sums up this concept with hundreds of collaborations, some of which are permanent, such as The North Face or Stone Island. The New York label lets its creativity speak through the know-how of technical brands like The North Face and its down jackets or Parkas. Thus each season the two brands revisit sherpa and winter pieces like its latest collaboration paying tribute to the Statue of Liberty. Similarly in 2019 we saw a beautiful The North Face Paper Print Nuptse Jacket with an original crumpled paper pattern. Stone Island, Italian brand reference in the casual and streetwear world has also offered us a beautiful capsule collection in 2017 with hoodies, down jackets and parka with a floral and very colorful pattern. Supreme The brand does not hesitate to offer surprising collaborations like its upcoming partnership with the Oreo cookie brand. The skateboard brand Palace, has decided to collaborate with Adidas for its capsule collections. So in November 2019, Palace has partnered with the club Juventus of Turin to offer us a unique collaboration and never seen to date. First skate brand to be present on the jerseys of a soccer team, the London brand has offered itself an unprecedented media exposure. Worn by Cristiano Ronaldo or Dybala, the jersey in the color of Juve and Palace has made the eyes of soccer fans and fashion lovers. Nike has also proposed a beautiful collaboration with the founder of the house Off-White Virgil Abloh on the theme of soccer. Named Football Mon Amour, this capsule collection consists of a beautiful checkered hoodie and many textile pieces with a pair of soccer released exclusively in Paris. Powered by a world famous ambassador with Kylian Mbappé, this collection has managed to seduce football lovers. Finally we can mention the very successful collaboration between Jordan Brand and the American rapper Travis Scott. A line of textile came to accompany the beautiful Jordan 6 Travis Scott. Playing on the suede, hoodies, T-shirts and shorts were declined in colors, olive, gray and black. Streetwear brands have understood the importance of merging their universe with other brands in order to sell more and to make people talk about them. In a market that is becoming more and more competitive, it is essential to continue to exist on the front of the stage.


In connection with the increase in the number of releases, brands are innovating in the distribution of their products. Nike via its application does not hesitate to set up exclusive drops in specific locations. Named Stash, we recently saw an early drop of the Air Jordan 1 Low ParisTo do this you had to be in front of the future building of the Nike House of Innovation on the Champs Elysees to have the chance to buy the pair. In this dynamic to put back in the center of their strategy the sharing and the exchange, Nike sets up Sneakers Pass to have the chance to buy limited pairs in unique places with an immersive experience. Supreme and Palace have democratized the weekly drops of limited items. Every Thursday for Supreme and Friday for Palace, customers flock to the website and to the brands' stores to try to buy a piece of the collections. So at 12:00 every week, fans of both brands are patiently waiting for the release of new items. The most famous example is the logo box from Supreme, which attracts thousands of people wanting to own this iconic piece to the point of saturating the website of the New York brand. Also the site Off-White and Travis Scott set up surprise drops at random times, more commonly called shock drops. For example, the Houston rapper most often distributes his exclusive collections in the form of shock drops with an extremely short duration in time. Recently we saw a special Nike SB x Cactus Jack collection that complements the beautiful Nike SB Dunk Low Travis Scott. Off-White applies this type of distribution for its products in collaboration with Nike. Finally, brands are trying to offer more and more unique experiences through pop-up stores like BAPE with its event in Saint Tropez or even the techwear brand Alyx during Fashion Week 2020. Brands want to reconnect with their community and get closer to their consumers. And to differentiate themselves they do not hesitate to redouble their imagination by setting up innovative operations like the treasure hunt organized by Nike in Paris on the theme of basketball.

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