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Supreme Streetwear

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Supreme, the streetwear brand with global appeal! Supreme began in 1994 as a boutique selling clothing and accessories for skateboarders. Founded by James Jebbia, the shop opened on the corner of Lafayette and Prince Street in New York City. The store's first customers were young skaters and independent artists from New York. With the products being limited in quantity, the store operated on exclusive sales from the beginning. Indeed, we must go back to the brand's roots to understand the DNA of this American label. James Jebbia analysed the behaviour of kids in New York and realised that they didn't wear skateboarding clothes.

The clothes that skate brands were putting out back then were rubbish. A lot of their consumers were young. But where people think of skateboarders as 12, 13, 14-year-olds, in New York, it was more like the hardcore 18–24-year-old kid, and he wasn't wearing those clothes. Because it didn't fit right, and the quality was bad, but they wanted to look good and pick up girls" James Jabbia

Thus, he proposed hoodies made in Canada of very high quality with a minimalist design and a name that evokes a sense of rebellion for the skateboarders of the 90s. Once this community was established, the only thing left to do was to offer limited pieces. The founder of Supreme understood this and began working around his iconic



The brand immediately adopted the red rectangle beneath the inscription Supreme in white. James Jebbia was inspired by the works of Barbara Kruger when creating this logo. Little by little, the brand expanded to new horizons, such as hip-hop culture and streetwear by and large. Through its logo, Supreme gathers a multitude of trends and artistic currents ranging from the underground scene to the punk to the urban culture of the skaters. Naturally, Supreme was inspired by music, art, and pop culture to offer us, for example, iconic tee-shirts as they did with the celebrity tee bearing the portraits of world-famous personalities and their signatures. This allowed the brand to become more and more popular and collaborate with big names in fashion such as Nike, Vans, Timberland and even Stone Island. The brand then opened several stores worldwide: Paris, London, Tokyo...



Many celebrities such as Kid Cudi, Lady Gaga, Kate Moss or Tyler, The Creator have represented Supreme. The communication and the rarity of the products are the heart of the brand's strategy. Luxury brands have then followed this trend and unique collaborations have recently started to appear. One of the most representative is the one with Louis Vuitton in 2017 for an unprecedented capsule collection. Similarly Supreme does not hesitate to partner with brands specialized in mountain products like with The North Face and its permanent collaborations every season. The strength of Supreme lies in its collaborations that address all aspects of fashion and lifestyle. Thus we can find collaborations with Nike, Lacoste, Jordan. The brand has succeeded in developing a model based on its collaborations, and despite the number of products that continue to be created, the brand of James Jebbia always remains in the hearts of enthusiasts. Today, each of the brand's releases is an event. Supreme has established itself as the global streetwear brand of our time.

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